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Who we serve

We provide steadfast support, expertise, and specialized services for some of the most vulnerable members of our communities, including children, teens, and families experiencing emotional and behavioral concerns. Those we serve often are impacted by loss, unexpected challenges, or serious traumas such as abuse, neglect, and addiction.


Group Home Models:

Positive Peer Culture (PPC) is a peer-helping model designed to improve social competence and cultivate strengths in youth. Care and concern for others is the defining element of PPC. Rather than demanding obedience to authority or peers, PPC demands responsibility, empowering youth to discover their greatness. Caring is made fashionable and any hurting behavior totally unacceptable. PPC assumes that as group members learn to trust, respect, and take responsibility for the actions of others, norms can be established. These norms not only extinguish antisocial conduct, but more importantly reinforce prosocial attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. Positive values and behavioral change are achieved through the peer-helping process. Helping others increases self-worth. As individuals become more committed to caring for others, they abandon hurtful behaviors.


4 areas:

   -Building group responsibility

      Learn to keep each other out of trouble

  -Group meetings

    Problem solving process, Structured format

  -Service learning

    Engaging in community projects

  -Teamwork Primacy

    Staff facilitate therapeutic interventions


Community Youth Development

➻ Leisure                                                                       

➻ Development of work attitudes

➻ Communications                                                     

➻ Employment activities

➻ Spiritual                                                                     

➻ Volunteerism

➻ Cultural                                                                     

➻ Education & Training activities

➻ Sports                                                                         

➻ Living Skills

➻ Vocational                            

➻ Socialization

➻ Health & Wellness                                                  

➻ Access & utilization of public transport

➻ Orientation, mobility & destination                        

➻ Financial assistance and planning training

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